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Podiatry Service

The Podiatry Service assess, diagnose and treats a wide range of problems affecting people’s feet and lower legs. These may include in-growing toenails, sports injuries, foot wounds, severe foot deformities or functional problems.

Access to the service is determined by a patient’s level of need and the extent to which any medical conditions (e.g diabetes) put the foot at risk of serious complications, such as losing the limb. Referrals accepted into the service are likely to include people who have diabetes, weakened immunity, peripheral vascular disease, peripheral neuropathy or severe foot deformity.

All patients referred to the service are invited for an assessment appointment which includes an individual foot screening with a podiatrist to determine the most appropriate treatment. Urgent referrals are normally seen within one week and directed to the most appropriate clinic.

Toenail cutting and treatment of minor corns and callus are not provided for patients who have no specific medical conditions.

Podiatry clinics are based in community health centres, clinics and hospitals across the Surrey Downs area. Home visits are only available for those who are housebound.

Podiatry service in Surrey Downs

I would like to convey my sincere praise for all the care and attention I have received from all the podiatrists...I found them to be so kind and caring.

Service user of the Surrey Downs community poditary service.