Our partnership in Surrey Downs

Our partnership

The Surrey Downs Health & Care Partnership (SDHCP) is a body consisting of the NHS, local government, community health services, voluntary sector and other providers.

Our partnership's ambition in Surrey Downs

Our ambition for is to create a health and care system that is built around the people and communities of Dorking, Epsom and East Elmbridge and is continually evolving through system-wide collaboration and co-creation. Through this place-based partnership, we will ensure that the needs of people will be expressed and met locally in the place where they live.

How does this differ to Surrey Downs Health and Care?

Surrey Downs Health and Care (SDHC) is a partnership between local NHS organisations that collaboratively provide adult community health services in Surrey Downs (Epsom, Dorking and East Elmbridge areas). SDHC sits as one of the wider partner organisations within SDHCP.

The benefits of partnership working

Historically, different organisations that provide care to people in their homes, in the community, in GP surgeries and in hospitals have been limited by boundary lines, resulting in them working in a disjointed manner.

We realise the importance of coming together to ensure that local people receive the care that they need in the right way, in the right environment, and by the right individuals. Through local partnerships, we will improve health and care for patients and residents of Surrey Downs, enabling them to access support more easily and quicker than ever before.