Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy

The Hand Therapy Service offers specialist assessment and treatment of the hand, wrist and forearm. The team consists of occupational therapists, a physiotherapist and a technical Instructor who work with the support of our expert surgical team.

The Hand Therapy Service receives referrals from Trauma and Orthopaedic, Plastic and Rheumatology consultants and local GPs.

Following referral, patients may receive some self-help information while they wait for their appointment.  Appointments will include a detailed assessment and then agree goals and a treatment plan with their Therapist. The team use a biopsychosocial approach to therapy and the overall aim of treatment is to improve everyday functional capacity. Patients may receive one-to-one or group therapy sessions, dependent on their needs.

Clinician using equipment


This video above demonstrates of some useful principles, gadgets and techniques which some patients with joint issues may find useful. This video is used with special thanks and permission from Royal Surrey County Hospital, NHS and Occupational Therapy Rheumatology Hands.

In this gentle ten-minute follow-along stretching video above, physiotherapist Jay Milomo is joined by Sylvia who lives with arthritis. Together they demonstrate commonly recommended finger, hand and wrist exercises for people living with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions including finger strengthening, finger tendon glide, hand lift and wrist turn. Video produced by Versus Arthritis