First Contact Practitioner (FCP)


The First Contact Practitioner (FCP) service is based in primary care, namely G.P practices out in the community. 

Surrey Downs Health & Care provide FCP's in 4 Primary Care Networks (PCNs) across Surrey Downs including, Epsom, Integrated Care Partnership (ICP), Banstead and Leatherhead.  

FCPs hold specialist skills in assessing patients with Musculoskeletal problems, without the need for the patient to see a GP. 

Patients are therefore able to get the right advice and intervention early on when they access healthcare. FCP's work closely with other Musculoskeletal clinicians across Surrey Downs and they are also able to refer patients to other services as needed.

When to see your FCP

Jai Mistry, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist at St Georges Hospital, created this short animation for use by First Contact Physio services to promote the service to the public.