A system of support: Leatherhead Community Hub

Enabling and supporting healthier neighbourhoods by offering a system of support to our communities is key for Surrey Downs Health and Care Partnership. Over in Leatherhead, one such system we have established is the Leatherhead Community Hub, a local initiative, run by a dedicated team of volunteers.

Leatherhead residents are warmly welcomed at the Hub, where they are offered support, advice, opportunities, and great food - all under one roof. It’s a great place where people of all ages can come to connect, learn, have fun and find the support they need to thrive.

If you’re lonely and need a place to connect, this is a great place to come.


By hosting and enabling joined up provision of services within the hub, residents have the chance to connect into the support that they need. This might for example, be with and outreach service like Citizens Advice, or a referral to the food bank.

Karen Woodland, the Community Fridge Manager, explained that the Community Fridge initiative used to be nomad-like but now, with a regular base at the Hub, customers know where and when to come.

With around 3,000 visitors coming through the hub each month, the availability of a café alongside a creative space for community use, and a community garden, the space allows people to make social connections and enjoy creativity to help boost their confidence and mental wellbeing, which can have an immeasurable impact on lives.

Hearing directly from those using the Hub how much their lives have changed because of visiting, demonstrates that yes, the hub really is a great place to come to connect.

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